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    Whether you’re searching for better data insights or help with an end-to-end omni-channel campaign, we would be happy to provide a quote. Please let us know how to reach you.

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About Targeo

Targeo is a Canadian leader in designing, managing and supporting powerful omni-channel flyer solutions that increase your return on investment and help your business grow. We are dedicated to providing marketing support to clients across Canada with end-to-end program solutions, empowering them to focus on achieving their business objectives and vision.


With a diverse team and specialized strengths, Targeo has the resources and expertise to work in close collaboration with your marketing team every step of the way. For optimal performance, Targeo will maintain open and continuous communication with their counterparts on your marketing team.

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Oscar Valencia
Lead, Client Development and Deliverables
Glenda Wagner
Lead, Client support and operations
Francis Boucher
Lead, Data Strategy and Methodology


  • General

What does Targeo do?

Leveraging extensive expertise in the flyer marketing landscape, print relationships and purpose-built targeting software, Targeo manages the distribution of printed and digital weekly flyers for our clients.

Are you able to assist my initiative using business intelligence I do not have access to?

Yes, we are. We work with a variety of demographic, buying potential and psychographic databases to create and deliver solutions that support your initiatives with data analytics. When available, we also leverage your existing customer and sales data to better understand who your customers are and where they are coming from. Targeo offers a combination of data, tools and expert personnel that enables best-in-class, fact-based decision-making for your organization.

How do you connect with printing, shipping and distributors to deliver one-stop service?

To assist customers with their flyer promotions, Targeo has partnered with the largest printer in Canada. We have also developed systems within our organization that expedite planning, analysis and timing information across these services. We manage several accounts using external print suppliers, and our systems easily adapt to their business model.

How quickly can analysis or targeting be carried out and ready to implement?

Depending on the size of the project and the number of locations needing distribution, the process can take from a few days to weeks.

How do you determine “best” options for flyer distribution and execution?

We examine a number of factors, including the required targeting, day of delivery, distributor track record and the cost to execute in the targeted best markets for a positive return on your investment.

Are you able to speak directly to my dealers to service their individual queries and assist the whole chain of stores?

Yes. Dealers/franchisees can contact their dedicated Account Manager to address any questions or concerns.

What are the benefits of a service such as yours?

Our clients reap many benefits from using Targeo's service, including speed to market, an unbiased approach to omni-channel solutions, in-depth understanding of available options across the country, and over 20 years of experience with multi-level retailers and brand marketing applied to their program.