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Measure Twice, Cut Once

How refusing the 6-month analysis resulted in increased savings.


Our team successfully helped a well-established food retailer launch a new flyer distribution tool to over 350 of their franchise owners.

Each franchise owner, through the use of this tool, had access to the key data that would ultimately help them maximize the impact of flyers in their respective markets.

The analytics determined that holidays and major sporting events were the ideal times for leveraging heavy promotions and marketing spend, as they represented the busiest times for traffic for each of these franchise owners.


We determined the marketing spend should take place at the busiest time of the year for the stores, during holidays and major sporting events.

The food retailer was excited for the new method of crunching customer data. While each franchise owner had access to their specific stores’ information, pouring through all the data points, digesting it, and summarizing it was a time-consuming effort. After six months, they asked our team for a follow-up analysis so they could  leverage this data further and begin drafting engagement strategies. Our team took an unconventional approach to this request.

We wanted to ensure the analysis was based on the most accurate dataset, and so our recommendation was to hold off on a hasty analysis.

Six months was simply not enough time to effectively determine how their customers were reacting to the changes, and we knew a recommendation from that dataset would have been skewed. Everyone loves data, and the allure of having that at your fingertips can encourage mistimed decision-making, especially if that data isn’t yet complete.

key outcomes


Avoid spending money on needless analysis


Further grow franchisee involvement


Increase their sales in targeted areas

The goal was to consider the longer term. Through the delay, we allowed more franchisees to participate in the program and improve the tool with broader customer data.